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Welcome to WIKS - Workplace Improvement Kits & Supplies.

WIKS Workplace Improvement Kits and Supplies is an online business that provides complete kits -the products, training, procedures and forms, for businesses to easily and effectively implement workplace improvements.

The kits are designed to cover the complete requirements of the workplace improvement, the product eg a breathalyzer, the procedures eg Alcohol Policy and testing procedures, and forms.

The improvement kits are applicable to almost all businesses and additional supplies are also available so you have everything you need to ensure your workplace improvements are successfully implemented.

WIKS -Workplace Improvement Kits and Supplies.  PO Box 4423, North Rocks NSW 2151 ABN 77 147 032 979
Phone: 1300 601 008  Fax: (02) 8080 0030 Email: